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Call or text to schedule an appointment

(269) 903-8786


Where are you located?

11044 East XY Avenue Vicksburg, MI 49097

Visit our Contact Us page for a map and directions.

What products do you have?

We raise and sell our beef, F1 American Waygu and lamb products here on the farm. The chicken that we offer is sourced from local chicken producer, Miller Poultry. All pork in our store is sourced from Bailey’s Meats in Schoolcraft, MI. All the products we carry are locally produced and processed.

For current prices on all products we offer, visit our Pricing page.

Do you ship?

We do not offer shipping at this time. Customers must pick up all orders from our farm store by appointment.

Where else can I buy your products?

Our lamb can only be found here at our farm store. Since partnering up with Bailey’s Meats, some of our beef products are also in stock at their farm store, located at 9641 South 8th Street Schoolcraft, MI. At this time, our farm store and Bailey’s meats are the only two locations to purchase Oswalt beef.

Are your products local?

Yes! All the products we sell are produced in Michigan or Northern Indiana.

 We raise all of our beef, F1 American Waygu and lamb right here on the farm. Chicken is sourced from local producer, Miller Poultry, and pork is sourced from Bailey's Meats in Schoolcraft, MI.

How do you feed your animals?

Our beef is pasture raised and grain finished. Our brood cows and bulls live on pasture full time and we calve in late Spring and Fall out in the field. After weaning (when cow and calf are separated), calves are raised to market weight in barns. Our sheep and rams also live on pasture, but come into barns for lambing for their health and safety. Predators and illness make lambing in pastures extremely risky, so we lamb by rotating our ewe groups in and out of our barns to have their lambs in safety and under our supervision. Lambs are fed and finished indoors as well and ewes return to the pasture at weaning. 

We know that "grass fed" as a term is thrown around a lot and being transparent is important to us. Through the years our family has been raising livestock we have found ways to produce a quality product in a humane and economical way. Feel free to ask additional questions at any time.

Who owns the farm?

Scott and Steve, along with their mother, Bonnie Oswalt, own the farm. You can read more about who is behind the food you buy from us, here.